The #1 herpes dating site in perth- A warm herpes support group for singles with herpes in Perth

Suffering from herpes can make you feel lonely even when you are in midst of a crowd. As if suffering from the disease wasn’t painful enough, people with herpes not are not only ostracized by the society but are also rejected by potential mates who fear their own safety.You are not alone.

Herpes Dating Perth is an online dating site for individuals living with the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and/or Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). We have been online since 2001. We’re here to help you, whether you’re looking for Herpes Support Group in perth, building friendships, better understanding how the Herpes virus works, or finding your true love.

Dating with Genital Herpes or HPV can be a very scary experience; we eliminate what seems to be the biggest issue for most joining the dating scene again Having The scary Herpes Talk. It's one less issue you have to be concerned about, so now you can get down to the fun part of getting to know people. We understand all too well the needs of people who are living with the Herpes Simplex Virus and/or Human Papilloma Virus.

We have a lot of knowledge to share, and what sets us aside from the rest is that not only do we share the information, but we assist you until you have found what you’re looking for. We encourage singles with herpes in Perth to get out into the Herpes Community as well at the support groups, and mingle with as many people as possible.

We care about your privacy more than other sites.All profiles are regularly reviewed and are 100 percent private, you have to be a member of our site in order to view other profiles. To further protect you, you have the options of hiding your profile from everyone. People with hiv or other std are also welcome.

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